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New Windows???

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Hey guys, today i was browsing around the web to find an idea for my blog’s new post. So anyway I went to to read through the latest new about technology and I came across Windows 8.2. Their talking about Windows 9 which I would like to see.

Have a look yourself at


Slow PC

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A lot of people are suffering from a slow pc. Many people have no idea how to clean it out. With the built in application on he windows operating system your’e able to clean your computer but I think thats it doesn’t do good job. I been used a lot of variety types of software.

First I would recommend for basic users is Ccleaner which deletes all browsing data/ cache prom the computer and which make the computer a lot faster. Also this software is able to restore your windows registry.



Second software for more advanced users would be Advanced System Care. Sometimes I use it myself and it’s great. Cleans whole computer in just few clicks!!



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RAM (Random Acces Memory) is a please into computer where applications and date are stored so it can be quickly reached by processor. A RAM is much faster to read from and write than any other componennt in the computer such as Hard Drive, Cd or USB flash drive.

RAM speeds are veritable, usually the speed are written  down on the packaging. It could say 1333MHz,1600MHz or even faster RAM it could be up to 2800MHz due my research. You also need to look at the latency. If the CL numbers are higher then ram could not be thats fast if the CL nuber are lower agh the same speed.

So if you decide to purchase any RAM for your computer/laptop I would recommend do a little research what out there now, make sure to compare speed with other same range rams and you the best for the value.


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Right this is my second blog post about newest operating system for Apple computers. I was playing around with it’s newest OS X Mavericks for few days, and I decided to do clean install of it on my laptop.

The first thing what I notice on new OS it was the new Tags system. It makes so easy for user to arrange files and make it so easy to find them.

If you are interested about this topic then I would recommend to have a look at this website below.

OSX Mavericks

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Hello today I got newest Operating system for my macbook pro, the OSX Mavericks. I downloaded it in like 20 mins due fast internet at the college, and i installed it in 30 min. After i had the reboot my laptop, I noticed a lot of difference in speed and performance. First thing what I noticed in Mavericks it was Maps. It has new Launchpad design and its more faster than it was before. Now I’m updating all the system at the minute, but when I will have some more time I will post more info about OSX Mavericks


Thank you

See you soon

Windows 8.1 conclusion

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I found a comparing Windows 8.1 website > . You should check it out. This website compares all Windows 8.1 versions.

So anyway I found out more info about Windows 8.1. I found out what different in this new Windows:

1. New Start button

2.Unified search

3.Boot directly to desktop

4.Resize live titles

5.Automatic cloud syncing

6.Improved multi tasking

7.Better connectivity and security

8.Enhanced support for smaller tablets

9.Internet Explorer 11

10.Enhanced support for BYOD

Windows 8.1

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Hey guy’s this is my second blog. I just wanna talk about Windows 8.1. I was asking around about windows 8.1 and i’ve heard its not that stable. People have been saying that it’s crashing quite often, but no one hasn’t told me what are the changes from windows 8. So i decided to do small research my self and I found out that.

I will keep you posted when I gather some information.

If you know anything or heard anything about windows 8.1, do no hesitate to write a comment or post bellow!