How to build your own PC?

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Hello guys today I will writing about how to build your own PC from components.

First thing first. First you need to figure out what type of pc you want to build. Would it be Intel based PC or AMD based PC, and what type of graphic card you will be using.

Choosing a graphic card could be very difficult, because there is a lot of type of graphic cards out there. I would recommend to go for the cheapest one. The cheapest one would be OK for a while but later on it will not have enough recourses for your recommendations. To compare graphic cards go to this website this website compares graphic cards and it will help you to make your decision.

Anyway you need to get all the components together to build a PC.

you need:

1. Case

2.CPU – Intel or AMD

3. RAM

4.Power Supply


6.Hard Drive

7.GPU – Graphics card

8.CD/DVD Drive

9.Monitor – Optional if you don’t have one

10.Cooling paste for CPU – its supported with CPU but other ones are better

11.Keyboard/Mouse – Optional

12.Speakers – Optional


So when you have all the components lets start build your PC!!

Start off with putting CPU unit on to your motherboard, like in the picture bellow.

DanBuildsComputer21_610x407When the CPU is in then apply cooling past on it. Spread the paste evenly so there wouldn’t be any air bubbles. When the paste is applied, then put on your CPU heatsink which is provided with the CPU or you can get after market one which provides better cooling for you processor.

When thats has been done, the install power supply into the case and secure it with the screws provided with it. See image bellow.


Then install the motherboard in to the case

C_InstallMobo-17826After that there is few empty slots for the RAM which are located near the CPU unit. Install RAM into those slots.

cpu-ram-installedAfter RAM is installed, put the Hard Drive and CD/DVD drive into a case, refer to case booklet what come with the PC case. Last thing before connecting all the cables you need to put the graphics card!!

install_gpu-517So you have everything installed now its time to connect all the cables. So take the Motherboard booklet and you Power Supply booklet and connect all the wires where they need to be. On the booklet there is graphical images which shows you where all the cables go. It’s straight forward “It’s not a rocket science”.

DanBuildsComputer25_610x407 DanBuildsComputer26_610x407 DanBuildsComputer27_610x407 DanBuildsComputer28_610x407


So when thats all have been done Your PC is ready to install your operating system.

DanBuildsComputer001_610x408This is ready PC for installing operating system.


Installing an operating system topic will be covered some other day. I will keep you posted!!





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