Over clocking CPU

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As you know there is a lot of types of processors with different specifications and speeds. If you PC is running little bit slow you may consider to overclock it a just a bit if your able.

Anyway over the weekend I overclocked my CPU. There is few ways how to do it, but my way is doing it on the BIOS. I’ve seen few a softwares for doing it but Im not sure if they work quite well. Usually  you can get into your BIOS by pressing DEL key(some PC’s may use F2,F10).


When you are in BOIS, go down to CPU Clock Ratio. By using + and – sings increase or decrease the Clack Ratio. Do it slowly with patient and keep eye on the CPU temperature.

I was able to overclock my Intel Q9550s CPU to 6.3GHz. Everything was running fine and the CPU temperature was around 90c .




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